Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Combined With Sustainable Mindfulness Meditation ( DIY Approach )

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Combined With Sustainable Mindfulness Meditation ( DIY Approach )

By Khin Thwin

  • Release Date : 2014-11-30
  • Genre : Medical
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Combined With Sustainable Mindfulness Meditation ( DIY Approach ) As you all know there are so many stressed and tense people of all ages in this modern world who are said to be more prone to developing high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, infections and cancers. Therefore if you want to learn positive thinking and stress reduction technique in a short span of time in a right way, I would like to share my practical and extensive meditation experience. The title of my short and concise paper is “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Combined with Sustainable Mindfulness Meditation ( DIY Approach ) ” . First of all what you should do is to count (yes/no) from the following checklist .. If you get 8+ yeses, you are the right person to accept and read my short paper which will highlight and reveal the underlying principle of this mindfulness meditation technique and how it connects to CBT. People used to go to hospitals and clinics for their medical check-up but they forgot to do their own mental check-up every day. They can do their routine mental check-up freely at home, or office or any workplace without spending a single cent. As a matter of fact, we constitute mind and body and they do associate and support each other. If your mindset is clear and purified , your body will become healthy. For the welfare of the body, there are four main drivers operating in life. They are (1) Actions ( what you have done, rights or wrongs in terms of physical , verbal and mental; (2) Mind; (3) Climate and (4) Food. Out of these four, it is comparatively easy to take care of others except our mind. Nowadays the authorities used to concentrate more on the physical welfare of the people, than their mental development. That's why we confront with so many mental sufferers and their related problems. . I do believe that your daily mindfulness approach with a considerable effort will give you a major breakthrough in your precious life. Your support to read my paper will facilitate the research and development of mindfulness meditation work and the investigation of its health benefits

1 You are dealing with hectic lifestyle
2 You want something concise and short to the point
3 You want to get rid of evil passions or moral defilements
4 You want to discover your true self
5 You want to know how CBT connects to Mindfulness Meditation
6 You want to gain self-control and self-confidence
7 You want to learn how to manage stress, suffering and fear
8 You want to practice right mindfulness meditation with effort
9 You want to cultivate right views and right thoughts
10 You want to achieve a lasting happy, healthy, peaceful and meaningful life