Dead End (english version)

Dead End (english version)

By TheMuhan

  • Release Date : 2014-08-09
  • Genre : Adventure
  • FIle Size : 0.12 MB


Dead End (english version) 4 men present themselves before YVONNE saying that the company they work for recently discovered her beauty and invites her to do a casting. Minutes later YVONNE find herself in another city escaping from the members of a cult who pursue her frantically through the streets. When the situation worsened YVONNE meets a young woman who after seeing her emotional state, offered to take her to her home thinking that her parents could help her to solve her problem.

This is the story of YVONNE, a woman like any other to whom fate has prepared a series of surprises, and the only thing she can do with so many changes happening in her life is to run like she had never run before.

What do these people want from me? Do my organs perhaps? Are some of the questions that go through her head, and on her way to find an answer she will meet a series of characters that hide in their interactions an explanation to her current situation.

She cannot sleep; they might go get her at any time. She hears noises, and her mind fills with memories.

What does that mysterious man meant to say when he said: From the union of the moon and the sun something beautiful will be born? YVONNE needs all the help she can get; fortunately she has the support of a young woman, though neither of the two is aware that the destiny has prepared a surprise that will take them to walk "literally" in the shoes of the other.

The answer lies within the pages of Dead End.