Beautiful Reaper

Beautiful Reaper

By David M. Bachman

  • Release Date : 2014-08-08
  • Genre : Adventure
  • FIle Size : 0.28 MB


Beautiful Reaper To many people, the sight of a cross was supposed to remind them of salvation and hope. To Ray, it meant that someone would die soon, and he had awoken to find no less than four crosses planted in his yard this time. He and Kat had made some very powerful friends in high places, their relationship with those people cemented after the bloody and tragic events at “Naughty by Night” a month beforehand. However, the Christian Resistance of Sanguine Sin (the CROSS) was a nationwide network of religious extremists with possibly thousands of card-carrying members, and they were making it clear that they had focused their hatred squarely upon the House of Peterson. Only by presenting a united front could they even hope to stand up to these homicidal zealots … and Kat hadn't even spoken to him in a week or so. With threats of death on the right and confusing temptations of body and blood on the left, Ray needed to find a way to pull everyone together before they all found themselves with stakes in their hearts and their heads no longer attached. "Beautiful Reaper" is the third book in the second trilogy of the Raina series.