A Leap of Fate: The Caronian Conflict

A Leap of Fate: The Caronian Conflict

By G.L. Fontenot

  • Release Date : 2013-02-16
  • Genre : Adventure
  • FIle Size : 0.57 MB
Score: 4.5
From 6 Ratings


A Leap of Fate: The Caronian Conflict The Caronian Conflict is the second of the Leap of Fate series, following Ron Allison and Cache Kuar into even more harrowing adventures against the Kreete Triad.
This episode finds our two heroes separated due to conflicting time constraints, and each of them is forced to manage on their own to make contact with allies on the planet of Caron.
Unlike Cache’s instantaneous transportation through the Starflex, Ron begins his journey to his alter ego’s homeworld through deep space in the advanced fighter spacecraft The Darlile. In this vast nothingness, he has to conquer new, split-second challenges to even reach the target planet alive. Once there, he must descend ominous and treacherous mountain peaks through horrific, ultrahigh-altitude weather to reach the tropical confines of the Yetsole Valley. At last in a breathable environment, he sets out overland with hopes to make contact among a group of rebel fighters who are secretly trying to find a way to overthrow the Kreete’s rule.
This is Ron’s first attempt at covert infiltration and he has a difficult time blending in with the natives. He stumbles into a less than low profile because of his inherent nature of defending the helpless, and creates lifelong friends while doggedly pursuing after Cache.
He has no way of communicating with her because of the Kreete’s surveillance network that continuously scans the planet for unauthorized use of electronic equipment, so their reunion is decidedly less than guaranteed, and that fact eats at Ron as time goes by.
Ron’s plan is simple; follow her mission instructions to the rendezvous, but he finds execution of it to be far more hazardous and complicated. He ends up traveling the countryside and battling his way into and out of several difficult situations against beasts, men, and Kreete. Finally he reaches his goal, only to be left with his greatest test so far.
The finale is a sharp, gut-wrenching scene that will leave you drooling for more!