Before The Big Bang

Before The Big Bang

By Bruce Alpine

  • Release Date : 2012-12-19
  • Genre : Physics
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Before The Big Bang The biggest question ever asked by science is: Where did everything come from?

Science has answered this big question for nearly one hundred years. Everything was created after the big bang. If the Big Bang created the Universe and everything. What was it that created the Big Bang originally?

What is it that went, Bang?


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    By tripp1592
    Did not answer one question. Atheists are always going to come up with a theory for the creation of existence. I am not a physicist by any means, but many years of thought have told me that for something to be created, there must be a creator. Now if the big bang came after other universes were already here and there was already energy here to spark the bang then where did that come from???? Anyways no one will ever be able to prove the big bang and no one will ever be able to prove God. How did God make himself? Hell if i know. I find it harder to believe that somehow randomly a universe came from nothing and it somehow had all these laws of physics and chemistry. Just my opinion, take it for what its worth.