Time Crystal 1: The Convergence

Time Crystal 1: The Convergence

By Ethan Somerville & Max Kenny

  • Release Date : 2012-10-12
  • Genre : Adventure
  • FIle Size : 0.47 MB


Time Crystal 1: The Convergence What do a condemned English pirate, an illiterate Scottish girl, a mute French nun, a young Australian prostitute and a Greek juvenile delinquent have in common?

They are all human/Eridon half-castes, and the Great Council of Eridon believes that they will be able help save their planet from invasion by the ruthless Warlord of Etiros. This reptilian conqueror has managed to steal a deadly Crystal of Power and enhance her mental abilities to godlike levels. The only way she can be defeated is by someone of comparable mental strength, armed with a similar artefact.

Many thousands of years earlier, Eridon explorers concealed the first Crystal of Power somewhere on Earth, and never revealed its location. It is believed that the human/Eridon half-castes, descendants of these explorers, subconsciously know its resting-place.

The Great Council of Eridon sends a young mentalist named Heathcliff to travel through Earth’s history, tracking down five half-castes who can help him find the Crystal, and bring it back to Eridon before it’s too late.

However, five such different characters have little in common, and do not always agree. And at least one of them wants the Crystal for himself. And to make matters worse, someone else has already discovered Earth’s Crystal and taken it!

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  • Time Crystal 1

    By Caught Dead in Wyoming
    Good book. Incorporates many mental ramblings I’ve have over the years. Thanks