Worlds Without End: The Mission (Book 1)

Worlds Without End: The Mission (Book 1)

By Shaun F. Messick

  • Release Date : 2012-05-26
  • Genre : Adventure
  • FIle Size : 0.67 MB
Score: 3.5
From 47 Ratings


Worlds Without End: The Mission (Book 1) The discovery of a new world may be the very thing that threatens the freedom of the human race and changes the destiny of mankind forever.
Twenty-three years after the disappearance of the Mars I space shuttle, NASA receives a mysterious transmission from Adrian Palmer, the commander of the mission. Adrian's brother, Kevin, wastes no time funding the Mars II rescue mission commanded by Jake Palmer, Adrian's son. Jake and Dr. Steven "Skip" Hendricks, a NASA physicist, travel through a wormhole that Skip believes was the reason the Mars I crew disappeared. They eventually crash-land on the planet Terrest and are thrust into a war beyond their human limitations. The native Terrestrians are at war against a super-race of humans called the Gnols, led by Koroan Chast. However, the Terrestrian's struggle is futile because of the godlike abilities of the Gnols. Now, the only hope mankind has may rest on a 2000-year-old prophecy discovered in an ancient temple on Terrest. But before the prophecy can come to pass. Adrian and Jake must first stop the Gnols from attacking Earth and enslaving the human race.


  • Couldn't make it past the first few pages

    By south park rulesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
    I had to stop reading when I read about the call to earth. Come on Shaun. The ship is close to Mars and you make use of near instantaneous communications? Assume earth and Mars are at their closest. Light speed will still make this a record-and-send conversation. There should be some science in sci-fi.
  • Worlds Without End: The Mission

    By Ersta816
    Sounded like it was going to be good. It wasn't. Instead of a good story I got a religious sermon. What a waste of time. Couldn't even finish it. Characters were washed out religious nuts.. It seemed like every other page they were spouting off about god and quoting scriptures. If I wanted to read the bible I would. Totally ruined what would have been a good story line. If I could have rated this a -1 I would have. Just sucked. Should be relabeled as a Christian book.
  • Mixed emotions

    By track_dude
    I found the story line and characters to be engauging for the most part, but the God-Bible-religious stuff to be somewhat heavy-handed. The tricky thing about sci-fi stuff is creating believeable worlds and technology that doesn't exist, but one can feel that it could exist once the technology develops. The God-themed stuff feels more like a dead-end that has me thinking, "why hasn't this world/society advanced any further?" If you're not put off by the God stuff then you'll love this book. If God stuff bothers you, don't go here. I think you will find it distracting. I really would like to know how this ends, but the God stuff for me is a real 'turn off'. No book 2 for me.
  • Christian faith based novel

    By Kyabaathai
    Enjoyable. Nice weaving of the Christian version of god and the universe into a sci-fi novel.
  • Worlds Without End

    By Snel60
    The premise for the book is great. However, I felt like I was being witnessed to by someone rather than reading a SCI-FI book. Had to finally quit after getting hit with bible verses yet again. And yes I do believe in God.
  • Lots of flaws

    By tmgsqrd
    I couldn't quite finish this book, which is unusual for me. Too overtly trying to push a religious theme and a particular version Christianity rather than a more spiritual theme. The Delver series in iTunes is much better written with a religious theme that is more universal. Also other flaws. When taking off from mars the characters experienced G-forces like nothing else they had felt before? What about when they took off from Earth? Unnecessary details that are not credible or necessary strain the willing suspension of disbelief. A three inch hole completely through a characters abdomen and he survives? The three inch detail was just mot necessary. Characters are too one dimensional and too similar. All of the good guys are crying all the time and overwhelmed with emotion. I appreciate how much work the author put into this book, but to me it just shows that writing good fiction is not easy. If you are a fervent fundamentalist Christen that believes the Earth was created 6000 years ago and you like science fiction, you will probably like this book. Two thirds of the way through I just couldn't finish it. The story dragged and the dogma became too forced and overt.
  • All I can say is WOW!

    By sursnat
    The premise of this book looked interesting, so I downloaded it and dove right in. Before I knew it, two hours had already gone by. I couldn't put it down. The author does an excellent job of making the reader want more after each chapter. I'm not much of a religious person, but I do believe in God. And the way Shaun Messick incorporates the supernatural, religion, and great science fiction is impeccable. I can't wait for the next book in the "Worlds Without End" series!