Sculpture 3D

Sculpture 3D

By Oliver •cosmic• Borgardts

  • Release Date : 2012-08-11
  • Genre : Art & Architecture
  • FIle Size : 84.44 MB


Sculpture 3D Digital Art is cool

The possibilities are endless and the creative options are huge

But only watching the digital creations on a computer screen or
printed on paper is not what makes it very special

People want to touch - feel - see art.

Now Digital Art can be transferred to the real world.

This is done via rapid prototyping - a 3D printing process.

3D Art brought to reality - jewelry, accessories, earrings, belt buckles, busts, fingerings, custom figures for table-top role playing adventures and much much more

we make it - tailor made for you

Ollie •cosmic• Borgardts