The Orion Ghost

The Orion Ghost

By Olivia Rogers

  • Release Date : 2012-02-14
  • Genre : Crime & Mystery
  • FIle Size : 0.22 MB


The Orion Ghost “The Orion Ghost” is a fast paced adventure story. Twelve year old Jennifer and her twin siblings Jack and Claire fly to the Atlantic coast of France to spend their summer holiday in a rambling chateau with their artist Aunt Isabelle. When they meet two French children and their dog, who live in an ancient nearby lighthouse, their adventures begin. They discover an old map and a huge, ancient key hidden in the pocket of an 18th century greatcoat.
The children set out to decode the map and search for treasure hidden by the original owners of the chateau who were forced to flee from Paris at the time of the French Revolution. While unravelling the 18th century mystery, the children are unwittingly caught up in another much more dangerous one. Will Jennifer find out the identity of the ghostly girl who has haunted her since her arrival in France? Will the children escape from the clutches of a gang of criminals? And why does the star constellation of Orion seem to be guiding all their actions?

About the author

Olivia Rogers grew up in Australia. She now lives in London and the Atlantic coast of France where “The Orion Ghost” is set. She has previously published text books for college students and is currently writing the next Jennifer Jeffries adventure which is set in Paris France.