The Pandit and the Milkmaid

The Pandit and the Milkmaid

By Amar Chitra Kahta

  • Release Date : 2011-09-15
  • Genre : Comics
  • FIle Size : 7.98 MB


The Pandit and the Milkmaid The Pundit And The Milkmaid
Tales told by Sri Ramakrishna

Shri Ramakrishna was a saint of Bengal of the nineteenth century. He would tell simple stories to make fine points about the conduct of life. Here are some of them.

An illiterate boatman makes a scholar realize that in times of danger book learning will not suffice. A thief disguising himself as holy man and earning respect, decides to really fit into his new role. A fisherwoman and a flower-vendor have their own likes and dislikes of smells. An alms-seeker finds the would-be donor praying for more. An argumentative man is made to take responsibility for bad actions as much as credit for good ones.