Ancestors of Rama

Ancestors of Rama

By Amar Chitra Katha

  • Release Date : 2011-09-11
  • Genre : Comics
  • FIle Size : 9.49 MB


Ancestors of Rama ANCESTORS OF RAMA
A noble inheritance

Rama is the most famous king in his 'Solar Line' tracing its origin to the Sun. Poet Valmiki composed the 'Prime Epic' Ramayana to narrate Rama's story. The fifth century poet Kalidasa described twenty-nine kings of this line including Rama and his three ancestors in the epic Raghuvamsha.

The stories of Rama's three ancestors Dilipa, Raghu and Aja describe the ideal of the Indian kings of old. They practiced austerities, made conquests, acquired riches and made donations to holy men. In old age, they renounced their thrones and retired to forests in the final spiritual quest. King Rama was special.

He was handsome, brave, talented, wise and a devoted son and husband in fact, he was the most perfect of all men. Born to wealth and power, this hero of the Ramayana was remarkably unspoiled by his good fortune. This is because finely distilled in him were the exceptional qualities of his forefathers - Dilipa's single-minded devotion, the warrior skills of Raghu and the courage and righteousness of the handsome Aja.