Teenaged Pussies From Outer Space: A Love Story

Teenaged Pussies From Outer Space: A Love Story

By Rob Loughran

  • Release Date : 2011-08-09
  • Genre : Adventure
  • FIle Size : 0.19 MB
Score: 3.0
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Teenaged Pussies From Outer Space: A Love Story Captain John Wryght, USAF is piloting the Bandler Deep Probe 9 when the spaceship encounters three unembodied aliens. The DP-9 is contaminated and John initiates the craft’s self-destruct sequence. But billionaire Richard Bandler overrides the billion-dollar-vessel’s self-destruction and the DP-9 returns to earth, evanescent aliens and all. These pure-energy aliens realize that, in order to interact with the earthlings, they must assume a corporeal form. Knowing that every human who ever existed came into being through the birth canal, they presume that by taking the form of the human pudenda they will be universally welcomed.

They are really, really wrong.

These benign Teenaged Pussies From Outer Space cause hysteria and havoc and draw the attention of the US Armed Forces. They are fired upon by soldiers, tanks, airplanes and missiles until, through no fault of their own, the three cutest little space invaders since E.T. morph into huge-and-fearsome Mother-in-Law muffs that are on the verge of ending civilization as we know it.

Unless Captain John Wryght, his brilliant and beautiful scientist fiancée, and a band of assorted misfits in a Winnebago can stop them in time.


  • Good read

    By fjgallagher
    Great story - nothing too deep, but completely entertaining.
  • Bazaard

    By Melalala13
    No offense you know the kids this day have electeonics and the tittle is bazaar