Thompsons Time-Travel Theory

Thompsons Time-Travel Theory

By Mort Weisginer

  • Release Date : 2011-08-01
  • Genre : Adventure
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Thompsons Time-Travel Theory Thompson had a theory about killing grandfather before his own birth—so he went into the past.


Through the blue haze of cigarette smoke the tall, red-headed chap stared quizzically across the room at the dapper, fair-haired little man, whose waxed mustache bristled belligerently. 

"You're out of luck, Thompson,” the little man snapped. "You shouldn't have started that story without consulting me first. That serial isn't worth the paper it's printed on!" 

Young Donald Thompson stroked his tanned forehead and scowled. 

"A fine editor you are! You admit that the story is my best literary work to date--even better than my last novelette which you featured--yet you'll permit a mere handful of reader's letters to influence you. What are you anyway--the editor of Rocket Stories, or a puppet?" 

The little man waved his hands, releasing nervous energy. 

"Now look here, Thompson," he said placatingly, "I've told you before that all time-traveling stories were taboo with this magazine office. My readers are too sophisticated. Doctors, lawyers, students and professional men in all different walks of life are enthusiastic followers of my publication. If there is anything at all that disturbs them, it's an illogical story. Why, the last time I printed a time-traveling story, we received dozens of protests from readers. 

If you went back in time to kill your grandpop, you wouldn't be born to 90 back to kill--just how would it work out? 

No matter how ingenious be the plot, the old 'grandfather' argument invariably whips the author!" 

"Grandfather argument?" echoed Thompson. "What's that?" 


  • A little short but good

    By iMacKnight
    Short. Almost too short. But written very well