The Glass Hummingbird

The Glass Hummingbird

By E. R. Mason

  • Release Date : 2011-08-04
  • Genre : Adventure
  • FIle Size : 0.37 MB
Score: 4.0
From 164 Ratings


The Glass Hummingbird Cassiopia Cassell's IQ had tested at the genius level on more than one occasion. When tragedy strikes, her genius is suddenly driven by love, making her seem almost like a super hero. But in the strange and dangerous dimension called Dreamland, even super powers may not be enough.


  • All of this authors books are great!

    By Mech360
    I've read this whole series (totally blew the order) and thoroughly enjoyed every bit. Such a great merging of everything from science to God, fiction and nonfiction. The characters are great and the storyline incredible. This author is brilliant.
  • The Glass Hummingbird

    By 3FldGlp
    A delightful but horribly predictable story. It would have been greatly improved if there had not been so many spelling and grammar mistakes. For someone who makes their living from words the level of writing was sad.
  • Very good. #3 in series. Worth the time.

    By Playing to relax
    Each book in this series stands alone although The Empty Door is first and introduces the characters. The books share characters and premise but vary widely. About the first quarter of this book is McGiver survival. The rest is a series of minimally related adventures. It is almost as if the author had several ideas but not enough material for a full book in any of them and decided to string them together. There is the alternate universe concept, terrorism, revenge, friendship and romance. Some of the characters develop and others become or remain one dimensional. The robot continues to be the character I am most curious about. Having mentioned a robot I have to say this is not really a SF story.
  • Interesting read, but fire the proofreader!

    By RealTimeHistory
    A good yarn, with some deep thoughts (the characters seemed a bit like comic book heroes). Pretty heavy into the Bhuddist philosophy. The read was disrupted by numerous ”spell-check” errors. Doesn’t a human being actually read a book before letting it out onto the Internet?
  • A Mind Bender

    By TreeCat56
    Definitely a worthwhile read. There are some great twists and turns, but is is a fun ride. If you have read anything else by this author and enjoyed it, you will like The Glass Hummingbird.
  • Kinda corny

    By Poop Douglas
    The premise of this book was interesting but the characters and the way the plot moved were unconvincing. I felt like I was reading something written for a middle school reading comprehension exercise. I will admit that I felt compelled to read the whole thing, although towards the end I found myself scanning so I could get the main points with out overly subjecting myself to the lackluster prose.
  • The Glass Hummingbird

    By Alexa OBrien Book 3
    I enjoyed the story, different and well told as other stories by this writer. One small criticism... The proof reader needs to look up "site, sight" and "gate, gait" SueB
  • A love story

    By DorisinLA
    Good book. Nice combination of love story, science fiction and faith.
  • glass humming bird

    By KarozTunes
    This one is the best of the series.
  • A Great Series!

    By meye2sense
    I enjoyed all three books as they were entertaining as well as thought-provoking. This book is more along the same lines as The Empty Door than The Virtual Dead. It has adventure, imagination, and likable, well-developed characters. I hope E.R. Mason keeps writing. Can't wait to start Deep Crossing!