Under Plum Lake

Under Plum Lake

By Lionel Davidson

  • Release Date : 2011-07-31
  • Genre : Classics
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Under Plum Lake Under Plum Lake is a kid's book that also wowed the adults that read it. Right from the opening lines the reader is drawn into a world suffused with a poignant melancholy, and then dazzled by a pyrotechnic display of storytelling from a master of suspense (Lionel Davidson was a three-times winner of the Golden Dagger award for crime writers). But the eerily evocative Under Plum Lake is like nothing else he wrote. A genuine one-off.


  • My fav book of all time

    By What z joke!!
    I found this book in. " Young Adult" second at about 7-8yrs old. I've read it at least 3-400 times. My family moved to Germany for my dad's job, it was first thing I put in my carry on. I now have it in paperback and on my fon. It's a WONDERFUL story for anyone to read. My first "sci-fi"?? Maybe? Read it with your child, as I'm doing. Let THEM picture all the adventures the two boys experience!! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! It's solely why I learned to love reading!!!!
  • I love this book

    By no nicknames please
    I first read this when I was probably 12 years old. It was such an amazing book it stayed in my memory. Now I have a 7 year old daughter and I can't wait for her to be old enough to read this book. Under Plum Lake is a fantastic fantasy book that verges on the edge of plausibility and that's what makes it so much fun to read. I read it again recently and it was just as much fun to read now as it was then. iTunes does a pretty poor job of summarizing the plot. In a nutshell, a boy wonders into a cave and sort of gets sucked into the center of the earth but it's nothing like what you image it might be like. The center of the earth is more like a distant planet that's far more advanced then Earth. People live 4 times longer then humans do and their science is light years ahead of ours. What made this books so much fun for me to read was to see how different our world could be - and how much better life could be. The explanations for how this world exists are simplified so "our human brain can understand it" but oddly it works. It's such a delight to read, I highly recommend it to adults and kids alike. I can't say enough good things about this book. It's a classic that few people know about. Read it and help spread the word, because if you do read it, I guarantee you'll feel as I do. Under Plum Lake is an excellent book that you'll never forget and always recommend to others.