The Mystery of the Red-Brick House

The Mystery of the Red-Brick House

By Betty Casbeer Carroll

  • Release Date : 2011-07-19
  • Genre : Crime & Mystery
  • FIle Size : 0.60 MB


The Mystery of the Red-Brick House This is a mystery involving five siblings: Jeanie, Ann, Liz, Ricky, and Neil. They move to a red-brick house that had been vacant for years. It is located on the back of a wooded lot with tall trees and an orchard, and surrounded by an iron picket fence with a rusty gate that squeaks and creaks when it's opened.

The neighbor kids think the place is haunted because it's been vacant so long, the red bricks are chipped and cracked, and the yard is full of tall weeds. After Liz sees a strange man run from their basement to the orchard, Jeanie finds the trapdoor to the attic closed after it was left open, and they see muddy footprints that only went in one direction to the middle of the porch, they all become concerned.

Their mother hires a housekeeper, Miss Briggs, who has beady eyes that get red and watery when she's provoked. Her eccentric behavior frightens the children. Voices from her room in the middle of the night disturbs Jeanie and Ann, and heightens their curiosity. Who was in there? How did the person get in? When Miss Briggs forbids their only friend, Cindy, from coming over,they suspect something bad is going to happen. But what?

The children try to get Miss Briggs fired by complaining about her to their mother, who ignored their pleas. She thought they just didn't want to be supervised while she was gone. She learns eventually how wrong she was.

As the mysterious happenings begin to make sense, Jeanie and Ann get Liz, Ricky and Neil involved, as well as their friend, Cindy, who lives in the big mansion across the street.