100 Lessons on Your Brain in 100 Words or...

100 Lessons on Your Brain in 100 Words or...

By Dr. Katie Featherstone

  • Release Date : 2011-07-08
  • Genre : Medical
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100 Lessons on Your Brain in 100 Words or... YOUR BRAIN: Why do we have emotions? What is creativity? Do we have free will? Why do we have dreams? Where do memories go? How do we learn and how can neuroscience teach us to improve or enhance our minds? 100 Lessons on Your Brain in 100 Words or Less explores neuroscience, biology, and psychology to help unravel the complex biological factors that help explain how our minds work. Your Brain is the most complex object in the universe. Spend a little time investigating the nature of your mind, what we know and the mysteries that remain about how it works. We all know that we don't read enough—but don't beat yourself up—read a little, you can still learn a lot. Read between sets at the gym, on your way to work, while queuing at the bank, or even wind down with a few lessons at bedtime. Dip in, dip out, learn something new along the way. Try it–you might just like it.


  • A Handbook For Your Brain!!

    By DrHelix
    In “100 Lessons on Your Brain in 100 Words or Less”, Dr. Featherstone covers an extraordinary range of questions related to neuroscience in terms that would not intimidate the average reader while still offering considerable substance that would appeal to someone with a more technical knowledge of science. Many of the questions we all have regarding our brains are addressed, including emotions, consciousness, mental disease, sleep, daydreaming and déjà vu. She offers cutting edge, scientific information to support her conclusions and leaves the reader wanting to know even more. The 100 words approach is a wonderful way to cover the breadth of evolving scientific knowledge in the field of neuroscience without intimidating even the most casual reader with excessive technical jargon. Overall, a wonderful read!!!