The Empty Door

The Empty Door

By E. R. Mason

  • Release Date : 2010-11-15
  • Genre : Adventure
  • FIle Size : 0.48 MB
Score: 4.0
From 208 Ratings


The Empty Door Cassiopia Cassell’s high IQ had always been too much for the men she’d dated. But now her beloved father was missing, and the only way to rescue him required she retain the services of a man with special abilities, a man she did not care for, and one she would have to convince to accompany her through an unexplained portal that led to dangers beyond imagination.


  • Great book

    By Mike's Tunes
    It really held my interest during the read. The writing help to bring imagery in each chapter
  • I'm loving this series.

    By Mech360
    Mason is an incredible writer with an awesome imagination. I've been gobbling up all of Masons works and have found very few reasons for complaint. I hope these books grant you the same wonderful escape they have me.
  • Awesome story

    By Sort of like
    Wished I had read this one first before I read the Glass Hummingbird. Very interesting story.
  • 3.5 Stars

    By Caver4
    My third Mason book in a week. Good, but not quite as good as the space stories just completed. I look forward though to reading the sequel to this book.
  • Recommend. Part SF, part Christian-Eastern philosophy

    By Playing to relax
    Interesting plot ideas. Likeable main character. Secondary characters somewhat one dimensional and cliched but adequate. The robot has the most interesting suggestions for growth. Not sure of the basis for attraction between characters other than the female character is quite beautiful. The religious discussion is not dogmatic and would probably not offend most people. After re-reading this I am not sure why I liked this but I did. It is not as good as the author's more traditional SF series. I would give you those titles but I have forgotten them and don't know what would happen if I looked them up. I am not retyping this.
  • This author is exceptional

    By pkaufm1127
    I love all his books and this one is no exception. The plot is both outrageous and totally believe able, leaving the reader engrossed in the characters and events.
  • A worthy offering

    By TreeCat56
    I have read several of this authors books recently, and find this one a worthy offering. The concepts that unfold are interesting and somewhat thought provoking. Go ahead and invest a little time in this book.
  • First in Series

    By Original RAN
    Although I had already read the later books in this series (they really should be numbered) and didn't expect to enjoy this first volume as much because of it, I did like it very much. There was one bit of confusion where I'm sure I read early on in this volume that the Professor's house is single story but later books referred to the upstairs bedrooms. I remembered that in a later story there was construction also going on in the house which I thought was the reason but even in this first book the upstairs bedrooms were mentioned. I may need to re-read it to be sure.