By Jean Webster

  • Release Date : 2017-07-04
  • Genre : Classics
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Daddy-Long-Legs First published in 1912, this classic epistolary novel is a delightful modern fairy tale about a plucky young orphan in search of her destiny.
For Jerusha Abbott, life has been anything but easy. Left to be raised in the bleak John Grier Home orphanage by unknown parents, she has no idea what her future holds, but her spirit and cheerful outlook have always kept her going. This resolute hopefulness captures the attention of a mysterious benefactor, a man Jerusha comes to know as Daddy-Long-Legs, who sees in her the potential for greatness as a writer. In return for a college education and generous allowance, Daddy-Long-Legs asks only one thing: that Jerusha write him a letter every month telling of her experiences and thoughts.
Thus begins the new life of Jerusha—now Judy—as she explores a world she never dreamed available to her. Through her letters, readers can follow the education and realization of a young woman seeking her place in both school and society, steadfastly refusing to let others decide her fate or fortune, in a charming and witty adventure of both heart and mind.

Jean Webster (1876-1916), born Alice Jane Chandler Webster, was an American author, best known for her novel Daddy-Long-Legs. Alice adopted the name Jean while attending Lady Jane Grey School in England. She began seriously writing in college, penning short stories that eventually ended up in her first book, When Patty Went to College in 1903. Throughout the following decade, Webster released numerous novels, many featuring strong female protagonists. Her 1912 young adult book Daddy-Long-Legs became a major success, and was adapted into a stage play and feature film.