Suzuka Volume 3

Suzuka Volume 3

By Kouji Seo

  • Release Date : 2016-09-30
  • Genre : Boys
  • FIle Size : 227.55 MB


Suzuka Volume 3 WINNERS AND LOSERS Everything was going just fine between Yamato and his gorgeous neighbor Suzuka . . . until Yamato opened his big mouth and said the three most dangerous words a guy can utter: "I love you." Now Suzuka is giving him the silent treatment. In a desperate bid to get back on her good side, Yamato joins the track team. Far from being pleased, Suzuka is furious, believing Yamato will bring the real athletes down. Yet Yamato surprises her–and himself!–when he turns out to be a worthy contender. Now he’s headed for victory at the track. But will he ever win the only prize he really wants: Suzuka’s love?