Blaze Brothers No. 8 - Kill 'Em, Kill 'Em All

Blaze Brothers No. 8 - Kill 'Em, Kill 'Em All

By Matt Krentz, Vernon Whitlock, Marat Mychaels, Dietrich Smith, Doug Sirois, Glenn Fabry, Anthony Piper, Stephen L. Stern & The Blaze Brothers

  • Release Date : 2016-07-01
  • Genre : Comics
  • FIle Size : 69.00 MB


Blaze Brothers No. 8 - Kill 'Em, Kill 'Em All "For the sake of every one good action, a hundred evil ones shall be forgotten." (Unknown)

In this winner-take-all, battle to the death royale, no one is left unharmed. The ultimate question remains, who's going to be left for dead... Will Jack Blaze succeed in his quest to summon the ancient powers of the Chen Family mystical Final Level, or will he and his loved ones fall prey to the violent feast that awaits them?

About The Series:


Two orphaned half brothers, Jack and Billy Blaze, reared by an exiled Chinese martial arts Master and trained as deadly assassins by a secret US Black Ops force, resign their commission after a botched mission leaves them both near death.

The two gun-toting, sword-wielding brothers resurface as high level debt collectors, working exclusively for a vicious Japanese crime lord, Mr. Yamamoto. Believing that the Blaze Brothers have dishonored him, he places a two million dollar bounty on their heads. In an attempt to clear their names, the Blaze Brothers must battle every hitman, assassin, and gang member in the city.