Adventures in a Parallel World

Adventures in a Parallel World

By B. Chen

  • Release Date : 2016-02-22
  • Genre : Adventure
  • FIle Size : 0.35 MB


Adventures in a Parallel World This is a science fiction story about two high school aged kids. They discover an ability to move the center of their thoughts and awareness from inside their heads allowing them to move about freely without a body. This activity is generally called an Out Of Body Experience (O.O.B.E.) and is considered by some to be evidence of existence after death, and in some cases could be used as a weapon.
In this story, the main character (Hans Sterneski) a sophomore at Austin High School in El Paso, Texas discovers an ability to separate his consciousness from his body after using one of his mother’s diet pills then not being able to fall asleep. Eventually he shares his discovery with another sophomore (Wally Allen), the two become friends.
What they discover during their adventures in the spirit world is they are not alone and perhaps not safe either. Self-imposed rules are broken and things get out of hand, dangerously so.
This story, the characters and activities are totally fabricated. It also features swearing and use of illegal recreational drugs. This book is written in local dialect, not dictionary perfect English.
Although not specifically stated, the main character in this story is mildly autistic (ASD).