Stupidity from A to Z

Stupidity from A to Z

By E. Reltso

  • Release Date : 2015-05-23
  • Genre : Dictionaries & Thesauruses
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Stupidity from A to Z Camera: A handy device useful for blackmailing family members; Makeup: Goopy substances applied by women to their faces in order to hide their true appearance; Diet: A method of self-punishment; Insect: Any creeping life form that tends to freak-out humans on sight; National Debt: A sum so great it cannot be fathomed; Opinions: Those nasty notions of stupidity possessed by everyone else but us; Paper Cut: The most painful of all maladies; Politician: Someone skilled in pretending concern for his fellow beings while secretly wanting to gain power over them. These and other bizarre definitions are found in this quasi dictionary of nonsense.